We will help you with financial support, organizational structure and contact with the market and enterprises. If you have an idea, but you cannot fund it, the centre of Accenture will offer you complete support to develop it, from the embryonic stage to its arrival to the market.

The role of Accenture in AI.nnovation Space is that of a catalyst for the journey that is established since the research until the application of projects in the industrial or corporate fields, through a system of innovation shared with the UPM itself and taking into account that the aim is the necessities of its clients: the enterprises.

You will not only be able to develop and sell your idea or project through the corporate system associated with Accenture, but also part of the benefits generated through the implementation belong to the owner because the idea still belongs them: the copyright and the intellectual property of the basic conception of the projects belong to the creator or creators, those who generate it.

Therefore, AI.nnovation Space will cover the different stages of the process, from the generation of the idea to the arrival to the industrial field: firstly, the recruitment, maturing and incubation of ideas and prototypes; then, the definition and implementation of products as a central block, and, finally, the creation of spin-offs and the market debut of the basic idea.