The Joint Technological Centre UPM Accenture AI.nnovation Space in Artificial Intelligence, established as an innovation centre within the Polytechnique University of Madrid (UPM), is a reference space in the application of science and innovation in cases of real businesses in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Its duty as a knowledge promoter and as a way to expand results of innovation, and its transmition to the market makes it the only centre in the European environment. It is a pioneer in the development of a partnership model so far, bringing together the university and entreprises in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Through a collaborative centre based in the UPM itself –in the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineers–, AI.nnovation Space proposes a generation, implementation and knowledge distribution system of which students of the UPM can take advantage, offering them the possibility encounter the labour market through an attractive and disruptive training system that allows the university and private entreprises to be in contact, with innovation as the mode of transmission.

AI.nnovation Space is a way to attract the teaching potential from university to enterprises where students, through a mentoring and partnership system, can put their knowledge to the service of innovation.

AI.nnovation Space reinforces the academic system since the degree, master's and PhD programmes can see their teaching activity supported by the implementation of the knowledge they provide.

Centres connected to AI.nnovation Space: 

AI.nnovation Space is connected to the Accenture Madrid Liquid Studio, a centre with more than 100 professionals and in which costumer projects and hubs of new technologies coexist in a liquid environment. The Accenture Madrid Liquid Studio is connected to a network of 21 Liquid Studios of Accenture distributed around the world.